Teaching Staff:
G.-C. Vosniakos

Course Description:
Typology and structure of manufacturing systems. Modern manufacturing systems: flexible, reconfigurable and intelligent. Typical components of flexible systems: machine tools, robots, sensors, mechatronic systems, controllers, databases, knowledge bases, networks.

Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems based on Petri nets. Classic, timed, and colored networks: basic theory and discrete-event control applications.
Integration of Manufacturing Systems (CIM) and their functional modules. Information flow between functional units. Information interfaces. Basic Network Concepts: OSI Model. Basic Database Concepts: Generalized Ideal Schema.
Introduction to Industry 4.0 philosophy and technologies: Cyber-physical systems (Cyber-physical systems), Digital twins, Internet of Things (Internet of Things), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine learning (ML). Applications: machining preparation: machining monitoring, tool and machine status etc (Manufacturing Execution System – MES level).

4 projects

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