Leader: Professor G.-C. Vosniakos

Funded by: Horizon Europe programme

Amount (€): 180.000

Timeframe: 1/11/2022 – 31/10/2025

NEPTUN project is aimed at enhancing the scientific and technological capacity of the linked institutions, focusing on GUT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology. This will be addressed by establishing a long-lasting partnership of scientists and researchers resulting in the formulation of new research topics inspired by the expertise of partner universities followed by co-authored papers, research and patents. Partners will also benefit from gaining the access to new equipment by employing it to perform the research being in the scope of their interests.

Project will raise the level of excellence by expanding GUT cooperation with KTH Stockholm, TU Berlin and NTU Athens in additive manufacturing, application of AI in optimization and planning of manufacturing processes or cloud manufacturing with combination of AM processes, VR modelling, application of evolutionary algorithms in manufacturing process, cloud manufacturing in the form of digitally integrated production, cloud based condition monitoring or centralized data processing.


Project Partners

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