Leader: Associate Professor A. Markopoulos

Funded by: ERASMUS+ programme

Amount (€):


Project “Technology education in the digital era supported by the significant use of research results – EDURES” is an actual response for an insufficient use of research results, which are produced by higher education institutions, in teaching processes. Project is mainly focused on:

  • technology education in the area of mechanical engineering and construction/civil engineering and it enables international and interdisciplinary work. Nonetheless there in no restrictions on extension to other ranges of disciplines.
  • different forms of training in which academics will participate in order to improve their competences regarding preparation of courses. They are planned to support the above mentioned use of research results in teaching contents. There is still a long way to widely employ research results in education, especially for international purposes.

In addition, the dissemination of research results in education carried out by cooperation of universities and companies has not yet been thoroughly studied before. Therefore, the strategic partnership of three higher education institutions (universities) and one company is formed in order to improve existing methodologies of each partner and work out an innovative teaching approaches including international collaboration in the area of teaching.

Partners have decided to implement the results in two main disciplines such as mechanical engineering and civil engineering. Notwithstanding, dissemination of results and their further applications can be also concerned with other disciplines. The beneficiaries of EDURES are mainly master/doctoral students and academics involved in teaching process on those levels.

Project Partners