Leader: Associate Professor A. Markopoulos

Funded by: ERASMUS+ programme

Amount (€):


The VOC2DEAF Project is aimed at giving technical training of standard machine parts by AR technology to hearing-impaired people that work in the metal sector in order to increase technical knowledge and increase communication in the production line. In addition, guidelines will be created in order to reduce the negative and prejudiced attitude of the companies and to provide equal opportunities to target group to have a career in the company.

The VOC2DEAF Project starts with research for identifying standard machine part in the production line and problems of firms and target group. After that, sign language is created for the standard machine elements. The sign language is translated into the e-book that is based on AR technology.

The training content will be created for standard machine element that encompasses which sector standard machine element is used, what for, which part of the production line and its basic mathematical calculation. Also, the guideline is created for the firm to set goals for the target group and to increase awareness on them in order to give the equal career opportunity to them in the company. Sign language and training translate into AR Technology which is compatible with cellphone, laptop, and computer.

After these activities are completed, the implementation stage starts. The implementation takes place at the pilot company that has a decent number of hearing-impaired employees. After that, the impact of this AR based e-book, curriculum and guideline on the hearing-employed employees, firms and the communication between them is measured. After the impact analysis, the dissemination activities take place in order to share the innovation in metal industry at as many countries as possible within Europe and more.

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