Teaching Staff:
D. Manolakos, S.  Voutsinas, A. Markopoulos

Course Description:
This is an introductory course aiming at setting the basis for the subsequent courses related to the dimensioning of an aircraft, its propulsion system and the structural design. It is attempted to provide the students with fundamental knowledge on the basic quantities relevant to the geometry of the aircraft, basic physical principles and the performance of the aircraft and its components. Then, through a historical review of the evolution of aircrafts and analysis of its basic components, the progress in aircraft design and the current state-of-the-art, as well as the goals and expectations of aircraft design in the future are explained. Data regarding costs of the aircraft design are presented and a preliminary dimensioning of the aircraft is attempted. Regarding aircraft materials, it is attempted to present the fundamental knowledge (on loading, operation and construction of structural elements, principles of static and dynamic analysis, crashworthiness) in order to evaluate the characteristics of each material, as well as explain the special requirements for the aircraft structures. Supersonic flows and applications in cases of flow around an axisymmetric body and aircraft wing.

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