Postgraduate Programme:
“Automation Systems”

Teaching Staff:

Course Description:
The course deals with the technology and programming of modern machine tools. Machine tools and subsystems structure. Main concepts of machine tools. Main concepts of CNC systems (interpolation, axis control systems). Machine tool cells and DNC control. G-code programming for machining and turning centres, 3D printers (coordinate systems, compensation, main movements, M codes). CAM for material removal processes (path planning, data flow, post-processors). Computer Aided Process Planning (variant and generative methods, feature-based approaches). On- and off-line robot programming for machine tool tending and processing. CNC machine tool metrology using laser based systems (Concepts, implementation)

Course objectives:
Basic design of machine tool control systems and material selection. CNC programming of machining and turning centres. Computer Aided Process Planning. Machine tool accuracy evaluation. Procedures for machine tool and robot accuracy measurement.

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