MTL member Georgios Papazetis successfully defends his PhD Thesis


MTL member Georgios Papazetis has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Extrusion-based additive manufacturing process: trajectory design and material deposition optimisation”.
The novel contributions of his work can be summarized as:
  1. A method for G-code generation directly from the CAD model, without the need for STL files. The method relies on utilising a user-defined pore unit-cell as a template structure that would be iteratively located inside the boundaries of the model.
  2. An ANN metamodel for prediction of defect-free boundaries of the process to be used in an optimisation scheme for shape fidelity and material flow rate.
  3. Improvement of part dimensional accuracy through a feature-adaptive control law resulting in varying process parameters along the trajectory.
  4. An evaluation of the achieved material deposition at high rates by considering a novel set of parameters that enabled the prediction of material deposition discontinuity (MDD) and strand width deviation (SWD).

Four excellent papers have already been published from this work.