MARS project funded

MTL is part of a 12-strong Consortium of the project ‘Manufacturing Architecture for Resilience and Sustainability’ – MARS funded by Horizon Europe for 48 months starting 1-1-2023. MARS will develop Industry 4.0 emerging technologies including digital twins of products, processes and machines, bio-intelligent production devices with local intelligence and high sensing overage, central intelligence with fleet learning approaches, data-driven manufacturing process models from different sources, lockchain technology for data hashing, traceability and securitization, multi-agent based manufacturing planning, multi-criteria intelligent optimization of processes and resources specially addressing environmental footprint. As a result, the impact of the project will lie into introducing radical flexibility in all different aspects of manufacturing processes, in particular by edefining the process route, raw material, resources, technology, throughput, manufacturing site, delivery date in no time, while keeping up with product’s requirements, proven product quality and sustainability of both processes and products. NTUA’s share is 556 K€