Teaching Staff:
D. Manolakos, G.-C. Vosniakos, A. Markopoulos, P. Benardos

Course Description:
Overview of conventional (mechanical) material-removal processes. Cutting with singlepoint and multipoint cutting tools of clearly defined geometry. Mechanics of chip formation. Cutting tools and tool wear. Machinability. Abrasive processes. Mechanics of grinding. Grinding wheels and grinding wheel wear. Finishing operations. Friction / Lubrication. Cutting fluids. Residual stresses. Quality and integrity of machined surfaces. Fundamentals of programming of CNC turning and milling centers (G-code).

Laboratory exercises:
1. Metal cutting in turning: Mechanics of cutting.
2. Metal cutting in turning: Tool wear.
3. Metal cutting in milling.
4. Metal cutting in drilling.
5. Surface grinding.

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