Teaching Staff:
G.-C. Vosniakos

Course Description:
Manufacturing process types (“primitive”, material forming, material removal, surface processes, joining). Manufacturing system structuring based on product quantity and variety.
Welding: phenomena, weldability, metallurgy, technology (methods and equipment). Welded part defects. Destructive and non-destructive tests of welded parts.
Casting: phenomena during solidification-crystallization, castability, casting methods with consumable and permanent mold. Feeding system design. Casting defects. Casting equipment. Die casting presses. Casting tools. Rapid tooling.
Powder metallurgy: static pressing and sintering, Tools. Solid state diffusion and applications in surface modification processes.
Coatings: methods, properties, characterization.

Laboratory exercises:
1. Experimental metal casting
2. Metal welding.

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