Teaching Staff:
P. Benardos

Course Description:
Machine tool types and kinematics. Technological evolution and impact to manufacturing. Machine tool structure: body, spindles, motors, guideways, sensors, position encoders, transmission. Fixtures and workholding elements. Computer numerical control of machine tools: structure and functions of CNC systems. Interpolation methods and types. Motion control. Adaptive control for manufacturing processes. Selection of CNC system main characteristics. CNC machine tool programming: parametric programming and programming using CAM systems. Machine tool dynamics: machining force variation. Frequency response function. Forced vibrations. Chattering. Stability regions. Experimental determination of machine tool dynamic characteristics. Machine tool metrology using lasers: CNC axis positional accuracy. Angular errors. Composite errors. Volumetric error. Error analysis/budgeting. Thermal errors. Use of metrology equipment.
Laboratory exercises:
1. Machine tool programming using a CAM system
2. Machine tool dynamics

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