Innovative Manufacturing Engineering & Energy (IMANEE) International Conference will be co-organised by MTL member


The 24th Innovative Manufacturing Engineering & Energy (IMANEE) International Conference, IMANEE2020, will be co-organised by the National Technical University of Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering and by the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi, Department of Manufacturing Engineering .

The topics of IMANEE2020 are:

  • Advanced Machining and Surface Engineering
  • Assembling Technologies, Forming Technologies, Additive Manufacturing
  • Non-Conventional Technologies in Manufacturing, Welding Technologies
  • Advanced Materials
  • Design and Analysis, •CAD/CAM/CAE/CAx Technologies, Flexible Manufacturing, Automation and Robotics in Technological Processes
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Equipment, Devices and Instrumentation
  • Innovation, Creativity, Learning and Education in Engineering
  • Industrial and Product Management, Quality and Evaluation
  • Automotive & Transport Engineering
  • Smart Grids, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Energy systems and energy management, Energy policies, Environmental technologies and studies, Renewable energy technologies and energy saving materials
  • Precision machining processes, Hard machining, Gear machining, Abrasive machining, Environmentally conscious machining, Precision assembly
  • Precision cutting tools, Tool constructions, Tool materials and coatings
  • Precision machining modelling, FEM, MD, Soft computing, Statistical methods, Other modelling methods
  • Non-conventional machining processes, Micro- and nano technologies, Machining by high energy density (laser machining, water jet machining)
  • Precision machine tools
  • Metal forming, Metal forming processes, Tool materials, Heat-treatment and surface treatment of forming tools
  • Metrology and quality control, Measurement and analysis of surface integrity, Measurement of shape and position error
  • Optimization
  • Logistics

For more information and details please visit the official IMANEE2020 website.